SET IV – Built C&H – Available for Build to Suit

Este conjunto se desarrolla en dos áreas de actuación, en las parcelas IL1 e IL8

- La Primera (IL1) se desarrolla en un área de actuación de 13.969 m²
- La segunda (IL8) en una área total de 12.203 m².


Open-plan warehouses for one or several users with the possibility of sectorization, with two main facades equipped with loading docks and access ramps. Office modules attached to the main building.



  • 26,172 m2
    Surface area
    of plot IL7

  • 12,423 m2
    Surface area
    of warehouses

  • 864 m2
    Surface area
    of office space

  • 121 m²
    Surface area
    auxiliary rooms

  • 13,408 m²
    Surface total
    built area


Building specifications Set IV


Superficie: 12.203 m²
C5.658 m²432 m²84 m2
Superficie: 13.696 m²
H6.458 m²432 m²71 m²

Oficinas y auxiliares a definir


  • Buildings sized for medium risk level 5.
  • LEED certification by USGBC at its minimum guaranteed Silver level.
  • City Dox has an extraordinary endowment of green areas of approximately 115,000 m2 which makes it a benchmark in the sector.
  • Biophilic design concept for the office buildings and individual plots.
  • Optimized LED lighting system installed in lanes with low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Use of natural lighting uniformly distributed throughout the building.
  • Photovoltaic panels on the roof will assist to produce hot water as well as to lower an occupier’s electricity consumption
  • Parking spaces for cars, including vehicle loading and parking for people with reduced mobility
  • Bicycle parking area
  • Recharging points for electric vehicles and motorcycles
  • Hydraulic loading docks with retractable flange and protective shelters.
  • Parking inside the plot for trucks.
  • Urbanization dimensioned for a daily traffic of 200 trucks according to IC PG3.
  • 4-5% of the warehouse benefits from natural lighting by means of skylights and openings in the façade.
  • Consumption control systems of the different installations connected to a Smart Metering system.
  • Water leak detectors


Blueprints Phase IV (IL1 NAVE C)

Blueprints Phase IV (IL8 ORDENACION)


logística sostenible


City Dox is designed with the highest levels of quality and sustainable criteria. It incorporates the latest construction advances to optimize consumption and reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Transport and logistics operations are responsible for 25% of CO2 emissions in Spain, with a continuous upward trend according to data provided by the European Environment Agency.

One of the main objectives is to reduce the generation of polluting emissions and make logistics a more sustainable activity.

To this end, it will have the U.S. Green Building Council (LEED) environmental certification seal, which certifies the adoption of a set of measures aimed at energy efficiency, the use of alternative energies, environmental sustainability and the construction of environments that improve people’s lives. USGBC LEED certification at the minimum Silver level guaranteed.




  • Recycled materials
    The waste generated during the construction of this Logistics Campus will be recycled in accordance with LEED certification standards.

  • Efficient electricity consumption
    It is designed to rationalize electricity consumption and achieve savings and efficient results thanks to the implementation of measures such as:
    LED lighting inside and outside the building.
    Motion and light sensors.
    Smart Metering” consumption control system.
    High percentage and natural lighting. The building is very bright thanks to the skylights and openings in the facade. The offices are equipped with curtain walls to take advantage of natural lighting.
    Recharging points for electric vehicles.
    Photovoltaic panels on the roof.
    Installation of solar panels for DHW.

  • Native vegetation
    City Dox has a selection of native vegetation and tree species typical of the area with little need for water resources and, therefore, with low maintenance and resource costs.

  • Reduction of water consumption
    City Dox incorporates measures to reduce water consumption and strategies for efficient water use. Some of the measures included in the project are:
    Rainwater recovery for green areas.
    Drip irrigation only during required periods.
    High efficiency faucet and sanitary system.
    Building management system with continuous consumption measurement elements to detect savings opportunities.
    Water leak detector.

  • Heat island reduction
    Its design considerably reduces the heat island thanks to the following specifications:
    The presence of numerous permeable zones that also help to preserve a constant degree of humidity.
    Exterior pedestrian pavements with a high reflectance index.
    Vertical gardens in the offices.

  • Green Zones
    City Dox is surrounded by green areas, an area of approximately 115,000 m2, which makes it a unique area in the sector.
    One of the backbones of the industrial area consists of a “boulevard” that includes an extensive green area for rest and walking.