A new concept of business environment

City Dox Madrid is a new ecosystem designed for companies that value quality, image and efficiency in their installations, built within a sustainable environment.

  • PHASE 1
    Envisages the development of a modern logistics warehouse for single or multi tenant use from 5.000m2 to 37.963m2.
    Delivery foreseen: Q4 2020.
Latest activity at City Dox Madrid

The logistics park will offer a series of benefits  that will surely convert the project into a reference for the entire Henares Corridor.

An exceptional location in the main logistics hub of the Iberian peninsular

Flexible warehouse space will allow occupiers to adapt the space to their needs and permit users to grow and develop their business with the maximum flexibility possible.

Carefully designed buildings and unique architecture will provide users with an excellent corporate image.

Functional and flexible design that will allow users to personalise the building in accordance with the type of activity undertaken on the premises

  • Outdoor


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Phase 1

  • 63.954 m2
    land plot

  • 36.090 m2

  • 1.728 m2

  • 11,44 m
    free height

  • 100 m
    of warehouse

  • 35 m

  • 1 a 5

  • 38

  • 4
    level access



  • Buildings designed for average risk 5
  • Offices equipped with raised floor, false ceiling and VRV air conditioning
  • Manoeuvre yards for 35m long trucks and concrete docks
  • Structure and lower facade panels made of prefabricated concrete
  • Loading docks prepared with raised floor for trucks with platforms
  • Deck roof cover with reinforced insulation
  • 1 individual level access ramp per warehouse module
  • Ratio of light wells to floor area (4%) to offer optimum natural light
  • Concrete floor with loading capacity 5 Tn/m2
  • Automatic fire sprinklers ESFR K25
  • Photovoltaic installations in accordance with Spanish building code






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Sustainable logistics

Transport and logistic operations are responsible for 25% of CO2 emissions in Spain and trends continue to show an increase according to data provided by the European Environmental Agency.

City Dox has been conceived to reduce the generation of contaminating emissions and to allow for more sustainable logistics activity. In order to achieve these goals the buildings will be certified in accordance with the US Green Building Council (LEED) rating in order to adopt a series of measures to optimise energy efficiency, the use of alternative energy sources and environmental sustainability.

  • Recycled materials
    All waste generated during the construction of the park will be subject to a rigorous process of recycling in accordance with the standards demanded by the LEED certification. In addition, part of the materials used during construction incorporate a significant amount of recycled elements.

  • Efficient electricity consumption
    City Dox has been designed to rationalise electricity consumption and to obtain savings and improved efficiency thanks: to the installation of LED lighting in both the interior and exterior of the warehouse; the  management system of the air conditioning; the high proportion of light wells in proportion to the floor area and the high reflective roof cover. The park will also be equipped with recharging points for electrical vehicles.

  • Plants and vegetation
    City Dox will plant a selection of local and native vegetation and tree species typically found in the Mediterranean region that demand  limited watering  and so require a lower level of maintenance. Green areas will prevent the creation of hot spots and help to conserve a constant degree of humidity

  • Reduction in water consumption
    City Dox will incorporate measures to reduce the use of water as well as strategies to make an efficient use of it. Examples of such measures are drip irrigation, recycling of rainwater for green areas and high efficiency plumbing installations. In addition the building management system will be designed to provide continuous measurement to help detect opportunities for savings.